Why Every High Performing Individual Needs Nootropics

Over the past few decades competition in nearly every industry has exploded. As people find themselves competing with a globalized world, it is increasingly challenging to stand out about the crowd. Eager Silicon Valley executives, Wall Street traders, and software entrepreneurs are all struggling to get ahead of others and nootropics have finally entered the mainstream consciousness.

Nootropics are supplements that can improve some aspect of cognition, such as memory, focus, or creativity. Many of the people in the world’s most competitive regions are already using nootropics in order to provide some type of cognitive boost. High performers need the top nootropics and we’ll give you a list to try.

Piracetam + Choline – this is a relatively basic nootropic stack (the term high performers use to combine different nootropics together for purported synergistic effects), but it is one that most beginners start with. Not only is it safe (according to numerous studies), but it is also well tested by the community. There are millions of people using this nootropic combination to improve their memory and learning ability.

Bulletproof Coffee – one of the most basic ways of improving our mental performance is through caffeine. Making it a step ahead of the others is possible though bulletproof coffee, which is a type of coffee that includes fat from butter and MCT oil. Combined, it creates a powerful cognitive effect.

Qualia – for some people who are not interested in testing different things out to experiment and find what works best, a nootropic stack called Qualia might be a good option. There are many different stacks available, but Qualia has 42 different ingredients and many of them are unique. Things like noopept and centrophenoxine are nootropic compounds included in this stack for maximum effect.

Even though many of the nootropic stacks are really lacking in their ingredients or composition, it is really valuable to have something that is made well like the Qualia stack.

Moving forward with nootropics doesn’t have to be a challenge or scary prospect. A lot of people are hesitant about using nootropics because they look at it as cheating or doping, but the truth is, humans use any tool they can in order to get ahead.

We all have a need to get ahead in some form or another. Humans have evolved as a species to use tools and benefit from them. There are plenty of reasons to utilize tools like nootropics or butter coffee and few side effects. Why let others pass you by?

Apurva Thakur

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