What to expect with invisible braces

Thirty years ago, there was not much of a selection of teeth straightening aids. We could either live with what we were born with or choose metal invisible braces that came with a whole set of problems and inconveniences.

Are you tired of hiding your teeth in photographs but cannot stand the idea of using conventional methods to straighten teeth? Invisible braces in Luton provide the solution you have been looking for.

Facts about invisible braces in Luton

Invisible braces are a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to having metal glued to your teeth, and offer you more freedom to carry on with your life unobstructed by the limitations of regular orthodontic devices.

What makes them so popular?

Invisible braces or clear braces are unseen to the naked eye. You can wear them at work, after-hours drinks with your colleagues, first dates and on interviews. They are clear aligner plates made from a BPA-approved plastic that stand the test of time.

Their discreet appearance means that teens and adults alike are opting to have their teeth straightened, rather than going through life with crooked teeth that could potentially worsen the condition of their oral health.

Are there adjustments that one needs to make while wearing these clear braces?

You only need to make very few adjustments to your life for invisible or clear braces to work for you. The custom-designed aligner trays fit your mouth perfectly – at times, you might forget that you have them in.

The plates you are required to wear need replacing every two weeks or so for new ones, which are a slightly different fit from the last. In the first few days of having them in, you might experience some temporary discomfort and have a slight lisp as your tongue adjusts to the new position.

Apart from the above, you can enjoy eating what you like because you can remove the aligners at mealtimes. You do not have to cut out hard food to avoid breaking the wires of metal braces, nor will you experience the embarrassment of having spinach caught between your teeth without you knowing.

Clean your teeth as you normally would, along with flossing and rinsing with a mouthwash. With your aligner being so close to your gums and teeth, it is essential to have a clean set of pearly whites before you place your aligner back into your mouth. Failure to do so will result in bacteria accumulating, which means future dental problems for you.

How exactly do the aligners move my teeth?

Aligners look nothing like metal braces – there are no metal brackets, archwires or elastic bands used in the treatment. Which for many, is a shining benefit of invisible braces. 

Your teeth are moved incrementally over time using multiple sets of aligner trays. As previously mentioned, each set is a different shape from the last, with the intention to slowly pull your teeth into place by placing a gentle pressure on them. Want straight teeth without the rigmarole of conventional braces? Chat to your dentist about invisible braces today.

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