What are facial aesthetics?

Facial aesthetics are non-surgical procedures that enhance an individual’s face and can have rejuvenating and anti-ageing properties. Individuals often opt for facial aesthetics when they are looking for a more subtle change in their appearance and do not wish to undergo invasive surgery. People often visit the dentist in Nottingham as their purpose in getting facial aesthetics is not to take years off their appearance, but rather to soften the impact that stress, the environment, diet and work has had on their faces.

What are the different types of facial aesthetics available?

One of the most popular facial aesthetics treatments that people often opt for at the dentist is that of anti-wrinkle injectables. Wrinkles are natural lines that form on a person’s face as the skin starts to lose its elasticity and also caused by exposure to the sun. Anti-wrinkle injectables are a non-invasive and easy way of treating wrinkles and smoothing out the fine lines that normally form on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth.

The benefit of having this treatment performed by a dentist in the area is that dentists have experience and extensive knowledge of facial anatomy and therefore they are able to perform the procedure in a seamless manner. It is important to remember that anti-wrinkle injectables are not a permanent solution and therefore patients will need to ensure that they repeat the procedure every 3 months in order to maintain the optimal results.

Another popular treatment is that of dermal fillers and more commonly, lip and cheek fillers. The purpose of dermal fillers is to smooth the face and provide it with a voluminous, plump look. People often complain that over time they lose elasticity in their skin and this is caused by the decline in collagen and elastin which are produced naturally by the body. This is where dermal fillers come to the aid! Dermal fillers are usually made up of hyaluronic acid, also produced by the body, and this helps to augment the contours of the face and gives the appearance a fuller and more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are specifically for adults and are appropriate for any skin type. They are available in most dentists in the UK and it is important to ensure that individuals undertake thorough research before deciding where to go for their treatment, as it is essential that these procedures are performed by a licensed skin care professional. Dermal fillers are not a permanent solution and therefore they can last from six months to five years depending on the composition of the filler. Patients may experience slight discomfort, soreness, bruising and swelling of the target area after the initial treatment, however this will be temporary and will resolve itself over the first few weeks. The professional will use numbing cream whilst performing the procedure to ensure that patients have a comfortable experience. It is important to stay away from sun and heat exposure immediately after the treatment, as this may cause some skin sensitivity. However post-recovery patients will be able to enjoy the sun as normal.

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