Tips for buying formal shoes online

Formal shoes have indisputably been a part of every fashionable man and woman’s wardrobe. Made from the finest kind of hides, a pair of leather shoes is best suited for making an impression at formal occasions.

With numerous leather shoe brands available today, it might appear a bit difficult to choose and buy formal shoes online. Well, here are some great tips for buying the perfect pair of formal shoes online:

1.   Kind of leather used:

Quality leather shoes are manufactured from premium animal hides. There are several companies that manufacture shoes from an inferior quality material that resemble leather. However, these shoes would wear out after some time. Only a few shoe brands have earned the recognition of using the best hides. The reputed online shoe stores sell formal shoes made from the purest hides. The shoes may be a little expensive and require care. If you are sure about the kind of leather used and can maintain them well, you should buy formal shoes online.

2.   Comfortable fit:

Before buying shoes online, try on a similar pair in a retail store to check its fit. When trying on the pair, make sure it fits comfortably. Generally, people buy slightly loose-fitted shoes to ensure comfort. However, this is not true for leather shoes. Leather eventually takes the shape of your feet and its size is unlikely to change. Also, check that the shoe shouldn’t bite your skin. If you feel any discomfort while wearing the pair, share it with the retailer who can recommend you a fit that doesn’t hurt. Once you get a snug fit, you can buy it online at the best prices.

3.   Type of color:

Choosing the right color is the trickiest part of formal shoe buying endeavor. You have a choice between black, hues of brown and various shades of dark-maroons. Black turns out to be the safest bet as it goes well with every ensemble. Though browns are universally accepted but, the lighter tints of brown don’t go with each outfit you wear. Then there are deep maroons and light grays that can be worn depending on the choice of trouser for the day.

4.   Return policies:

Online discount stores take utmost care of the formal shoes stored in their warehousing sections. Leather shoes are prone to warping caused by temperature and moisture if not stored properly. The seller should be ready to refund or exchange the merchandise if there are visible defects such as stretch marks when the pair is delivered to you. Note that, traditionally, stretch marks are considered to be a symbol of originality of leather shoes and are intended to impart a textured appearance. But, this doesn’t imply that you accept a pair where the surface is scraped with stretch marks. Bigger lines suggest folding or excessive compression that reflects poor craftsmanship or improper storage at the warehouse.

Buying formal shoes can be a cakewalk if you follow these tips. Search for the best online shoe stores and pick yourself an elegant pair now.

Apurva Thakur

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