Ultra-Innovative Side of Home Lighting in today’s World

Lights – the moment you hear that word you feel something positive, as if something nice is about to happen. The quote too “Let there be Home Lighting!” does justice to the word, for indeed without light there would have been only darkness.

Philosophy aside, the importance of lights can hardly be exaggerated at present times. In a globalised world where everyone is out to make their money and always on the go, innovative products are always appreciated and wanted more and more. Why should it be different for lights? The advancement of science has resulted in the most complex imaginations taking real tangible shape. This is very encouraging, because earlier we used to think that certain designs cannot be achieved without diminishing the workability of the lights used. But that is not the case anymore. Now we can create everything by successfully amalgamating science and art to produce some of the most wondrous lighting sensations in the world. Globalization also means that more and more people can afford such creations and that means a day will come when such beauties will be in every home in the world.

Home lighting is a beautiful concept and it gets even more interesting when wacky and funky creativity takes pride of place in people’s homes. These days highly efficient LEDs are being used for every kind of home lighting creation that there could possibly be.

Steam-punk Illuminators:

  • The moment you see the word ‘Steam-punk’ you might be tempted to reach for the dictionary. But there’s no need for that. In this blog you will get to know what it is and how it influenced something as timid and mundane as home-lighting.
  • The concept originates from the idea of fusing Victorian styles with current needs and it is especially used to create modern, mechanical or electrical devices that represent that union. Artists, designers and manufacturers make sure that it remains a fusion and does not become confusion, because of too many ideas and too much complexity taking centre stage in any lighting piece.
  • For example, a chandelier is beautiful, innovative and complex but it does not get anyone confused about what the object really is. Therefore, when Steam-punk light products are created for the commercial market they are constructed keeping in mind their global appeal and not overdoing their USP. If individual customers have a relish for complex-tending-to-confusing stuff, then they can always opt for bespoke lighting products from this genre.
  • One of the most popular kinds of lighting creations is the Industrial Steampunk Pipe Light Fixtures that has pipes for a body and an orange-colored LED bulb for a light. This look is very Victorian, reminiscent of the Industrial Revolution and the fixtures too are given that specific polish and finish that makes them look, as if they had been taken straight out of a Victorian steam-powered machine.
  • That is quite wacky isn’t it? Pipes for lamps? Pipes remind you of plumbing and lamps remind you of light. How can the two come together? But they do and people are using such styles to decorate their homes.
  • The modern touch however comes with the LED light bulb being used. The benefits of LEDs make them a popular choice for decorative yet useful creations. They are supremely energy-saving, highly cost-effective and perfectly durable – the holy trinity of qualities for a light. Because of this, LEDs usually end-up in people’s home Lighting in one form or another.

It is clear therefore, that the habit of innovation is rife in the world and that it can bring together the old and the new, to produce extraordinary lighting products that can floor even the most un-impressible of people. This bodes good news for those budding professional light decorators that have a penchant for the wacky and ultra- innovative. You can rest assured that customers these days will accept crazy ideas readily!

Apurva Thakur

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