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Having a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the most sought after traits that people look for in a partner.  Whilst we may not all have the genetic makeup to fit the ‘tall dark and handsome’ prerequisite, a shining, healthy and attractive smile is an achievable goal for each of us.  Through seeking out the aid of a trusted and reputable cosmetic dentist in Harley Street, any number of superficial issues or concerns around your teeth could be addressed and you can unlock your smile’s true potential . A great many of us live each day with one or more cosmetic issues we have with our smiles, however many refrain from seeking out the treatments that they ought to out of misinformation around what certain procedures entail or how they may impede  your outward appearance.

Getting things straight

One of the most potentially life changing and beneficial cosmetic dentist options, which a great many of us refrain from seeking out due to misconceptions around the process, is discrete orthodontics, such as Invasilgn.  Whilst typical, more conventional methods of aligning your teeth – such as classic, fused braces – may be effective, they are often largely impactful on the outward appearance of those who seek them whilst treatment is being carried out – which can often take as long as twelve months.  Invisalign however, is a form of ‘discrete orthodontics’ which affords patients the power to achieve straighter teeth without alerting any unwanted attention. This remarkable feat is achieved by swapping out typical methodologies and techniques that have been used throughout orthodontics for decades, such as using fused metal brackets to pull teeth together, with a transparent and removable custom-made set of dental retainers.  Each of these retainers is made to fit the patient and the patient alone, and uses expertly placed pressure points that are built within its structure to gently guild their teeth into their proper alignment throughout treatment.  One of the main appeals to the Invisalign method is that, as each retainer is custom made for each patient, when they wear them they fit so perfectly they become pretty much invisible.  Another appeal of this method is they are generally considered to be far more comfortable than conventional orthodontics, and users can enjoy all the foods and luxuries afforded to those who are not undergoing orthodontic work, as the retainer can be removed periodically at the patient’s leasure.

Cosmetic whitening

Another form of cosmetic dentist treatment which can be massively impactful on the self-esteem and the confidence of those who opt for it, is cosmetic teeth whitening.  This can rid your teeth of years of superficial damage or staining and leave you with a gleaming white smile. Far from being a procedure reserved only for celebrities or movie stars, a great number of people of all ages are increasingly seeking our cosmetic whitening to let their true smiles shine. Often, as you get older, the natural whiteness of your smile fades with time. Additionally, lifestyle choices like smoking or chewing tobacco, or consuming excessively stainful beverages or fruits can leave your teeth dulled, stained or yellowed. Through cosmetic whitening however, and the application of a specialised bleaching gel, this discolouration can be entirely reversed and the brightness and natural beauty of your teeth can be fully restored.

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