Laparoscopic Surgery Vs. Robotic Surgery

In healthcare sector, both the doctors and patients are keen to find the treatments especially the surgical options in the minimally invasive ways. This means the patients get fewer amounts of blood loss and pain. Both the laparoscopic Surgery and robotic surgical options are known to be the minimally invasive option, which come along with less amount of pain and blood loss, which also can be seen with additional amounts of benefits. Now, let’s dig in deep into these surgical options with a comparison of the two in the following paragraphs:

Laparoscopic Surgery

The laparoscopic surgery are the ones, which deals with inserting a laparoscope having a camera inside with small incision size in order to give a clear picture of inside of the body over the monitor to the surgeon. This therefore gives the surgeon a clear vision over the monitor allowing the surgeon to do the needful. Now let’s check the elements of the laparoscopic surgery as under:

  • Instruments: There is no huge machine needed for the laparoscopic approach. In this kind of surgery, a camera is inserted via a laparoscope and other surgical tools. These devices are very much thinner than the robotic Endowrist instruments and hence can be easily positioned employ more accurate kind of skillful angles that are plausible using the robotic instruments.
  • Manual Attention: In general laparoscopy you can find a complete manual attention and skills that are put to disposal of the surgery. This can also help in avoiding the complications though the lack of 3 dimensional technologies, however, the technology at times can be seen creating secondary issues.
  • Surgeon: The surgeon in this kind of surgery is seen totally involved in it and fail to have a good amount of comfortable position as one can find in surgeries like the Da Vinci system robotic surgeries.
  • Time: The general laparoscopy is seen taking a bit of longer amount of time as compared to the robot enabled laparoscopic approach.
  • Risks and Complications: In case of any kind of complication, the surgeon is seen having a complete control and thus can be seen using his specialized kind of skills establishing instantly in order to control any kind of damages during the surgical procedure. If any complication is seen arising after the surgery, which is a complete open surgery that can be really scheduled in order to address this.

Robotic Surgery

Unlike laparoscopic surgery, the robotic surgery is also among the minimally invasive procedures, which both the surgeons and patients consider. Let’s dig in deep into it to get the crux of the surgery as under:

  • Machine: It is also known as the da Vinci robot, the equipment is employed in robotic surgery and is considered to be huge and very well defined. It is drive by multiple visual, interactive and robotic technologies, which carries the da Vinci robotic system that has patient cart, a highly powerful visual system and surgeon console that employ 3D technology.
  • Instruments: The patented endowrist instruments are employed in this surgery with minimal instrument diameter of around 8 cms. This can be a hurdle to precise kind of movements and the swift damage control that comes along during the emergencies.
  • Time: The robotic surgeries are simply backed by simply high end technology and thus can finish the same with laparoscopic procedures that is require less time duration, which is needed general laparoscopy, which is the key benefits of this kind of surgery.
  • Surgeon: The surgeon seems to be more comfortable positioned over the robotic surgery and thus is seen with a good view over the internal organs during the 3D camera and screen. The hand movements of the surgeon are followed by the robotic arms movements.
  • Risks and Complications: The probability of complications are very much low when it comes to the robotic surgery. In case there is any complication, it can be addressed with a quick attention and action of the doctors present around.


Both the surgeries are considered as minimally invasive procedures and one can even carry any laparoscopic procedure using the method of robotic surgery. Comparing the two could have given the fair amount of idea about the two.

Apurva Thakur

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