I am unhappy with the appearance of my smile (straighter and whiter)

Many people wish that their smile was straighter and whiter. However, despite wishing that they had a straighter, healthier-looking smile, many people are unsure about how to achieve this goal. Sometimes the treatment of braces can be seen as something that can only be rectified in childhood, but this is not the case. Action to improve the appearance of the smile can be taken at any age and should be taken if possible as many benefits can be yielded from a straighter smile. This article will introduce the clear braces, how they work, their benefits and what a patient should do next to take the necessary steps towards a new smile.

What is Invisalign?

Clear Braces Direct London offers Invisalign as a treatment to improve the appearance of patients’ smiles. Invisalign is a highly recognizable treatment to straighten a smile and has been credited with improving the look of over 8 million smiles worldwide. Invisalign aligners are unique in the sense that they are made by a machine and are shaped specifically around the gums. This means that these fit the mouth perfectly and are more comfortable. This treatment has been hailed as being very effective and patients would recommend their own experiences to others who also wish that they had a straighter smile.

How does it work?

Clear braces are specifically moulded to each individual patient’s teeth to allow for the best results. The aligners are made specifically for each patient using the most cutting edge technology to scan and make a 3D image of teeth. This image is then used to create a series of aligners that when used in turn will gently force the teeth into the desired position. These aligners are delivered directly to the patient. Whitening gel is also included in this treatment allowing patients to make their smile appear brighter and whiter, which can be an added bonus to their newly straightened smile.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits that can be achieved through the straightening of a smile through this procedure. A straighter smile is one that is easier to clean, reducing the risk of issues such as gum disease and other problems with the teeth. A straighter smile is also one that is able to cut up food in a more efficient manner, allowing for easier digestion. Overall, a straighter and whiter smile can be something that a patient’s self confidence and their body image can massively benefit from. Having a smile that a patient is proud of is an incredibly important endeavour.

What should I do next?

If a patient thinks that this treatment could be the correct choice for them then they should check out the website to begin their journey to a healthier smile. Patients should be assured that even if it is deemed that they are not an ideal candidate for this treatment, they will be given some alternative options by the dentists on hand. Every single smile matters and this will always be the case. This means that all patients, no matter their starting point, can begin to move towards the smile that they always wished that they had.

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