How To Teach English In South Korea

You Can Teach English In South Korea After Graduating From College

After graduating from college, you will want to have a fun adventure in addition to making a lot of cash to begin paying back your student loans. One of the fastest ways to get a high-paying job is by leaving the United States to teach English in South Korea. Each year, many individuals travel to South Korea to teach English in this country’s public or private schools. In addition to receiving a fantastic paycheck from their employers, the teachers also frequently receive free housing along with other perks.

The Steps For Teaching English In South Korea

You don’t need to have a degree in teaching to work as an English teacher in many of the private schools in South Korea, but some of the public schools do want to hire a licensed teacher. The main criterion for you to teach English in South Korea is being a native English speaker who also has at least a bachelor’s degree. However, there are a few steps that you must go through to find a job in South Korea before you buy an airplane ticket.

Order Your Passport First

If you don’t have a passport from the United States, then you will need to get one as quickly as possible. To get this document, you must complete important paperwork along with submitting documents such as a birth certificate. Specialized photographs in the correct dimensions are also required by the passport agency. Ordering your passport may seem expensive and time-consuming, but this document is usable for 10 years. With a passport, not only can you travel to South Korea to teach English, but also, you can visit other countries while you are on vacation. You will also need multiple certified copies of your college diploma to apply for the teaching jobs in South Korea.

South Korea Is a Friendly Country For English Teachers

You may never have thought about teaching in South Korea, but this is a friendly country where many of the residents are eager to learn English. While North Korea isn’t a safe place to visit, South Koreans enjoy meeting the Americans who want to teach in their country. There are big cities, small towns or rural locations in South Korea, and all of these locations have jobs for English teachers. In most cases, you will teach children or teenagers, but some private schools offer English classes for adults.

Research Schools Before Signing a Contract

In South Korea, many of the local people are willing to work longer daily hours, so before you accept a contract with a school, you must understand your work hours. In order to teach in South Korea, you must have a contract with a school before arriving. However, it is easy to look for English teaching jobs on the internet, and some of the larger schools have job fairs at college campuses in the United States. Make sure to research a school before signing a contract, and never send any money to a teacher recruiter or school. For most teaching jobs in South Korea, you will interview by using Skype. The laws in South Korea are different from the United States, so an interviewer can decide to hire a male instead of a female, and the interviewer may want to hire a younger teacher to teach her students.

Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages Courses

If you don’t think that you have the skills to teach English, then before applying for an English teaching job, you can enroll in a short-term course in the United States. A TESOL or teaching English to speakers of other languages course does cost money, but it can help you to find better jobs in South Korea. In addition, the experts who offer these classes frequently help you to find the best job in South Korea. By completing a TESOL class, you will feel more confident about teaching students in South Korea. If you can find a TESOL program that includes practical training by teaching students, then this can also help you find a teaching job with some of the programs in South Korea.

How Much Money Can You Earn As an English Teacher In South Korea?

Public schools in South Korea offer salaries up to $2,500 a month, and you might live in a free small but private studio apartment near to the school, or you might share a larger apartment with other teachers. If you have roommates or coworkers who are teachers, then they might be from the United States or from other English-speaking countries such as Great Britain. If you have a master’s degree, then you can earn a higher salary per month, and you are also able to apply to universities.

Teaching In Private Schools In South Korea

Education is important in South Korea, and most students attend private schools in the evening or on weekends to learn English. If you teach at a private school in South Korea, then you might teach adults during the day, but you will also teach younger students in the late afternoon or evening. This can lead to having an odd schedule throughout the week, but in many cases, it is similar to some of the work schedules in the United States.

Visiting a South Korean Consulate For Your Work Visa

In order to teach legally in South Korea, you must follow the country’s requirements precisely. You will need to have a certified work visa, school contract and passport. Some schools may require additional documents to make sure that you have never committed any crimes against children or had any drug arrests. To obtain your work visa, you are usually required to visit a South Korean consulate in person with your paperwork and cash. South Korean consulate offices are located in various cities in the United States, and you will typically visit the one that is closest to your home’s address.

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