How To Create The Perfect Fitness Regime and Stick To It

If you have decided you take your fitness to the next level by creating the perfect fitness regime, then that’s great news. Having a plan will make you much more likely to succeed. However, there are some key things you should consider before putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

These can help you create a brilliant regime that will keep you focused.

Base It On Activities You Enjoy

Perhaps the most important thing is to base your fitness regime on something you actually enjoy doing. For example, if you hate jogging, then don’t plan to run 10 miles a day. Instead, swim, cycle, go to the gym, or do any other activity that you are passionate about.

Set Goals

This is crucial to success. You need to know what you’re aiming to achieve. The best way to get about this is a mixture of short term and long- term goals. Long term goals will let you know where you are heading, while short-term goals will help you keep on track along the way.

Your goals should also be specific. Don’t set one as “get fit”. This is so broad that it could mean anything. A more specific and appropriate goal could be “run 6 miles in 50 min” or “lose 10 pounds”. Take it to the next level by adding a time frame, such as loose “15 pounds by April”. These are quantifiable goals that can be measured, enabling you to assess your progress over time.

Be Realistic With Your Time

Don’t intend to exercise three hours a day every day, especially if you have a career and family demands. Most people have limited free time. Luckily an effective regime can be crafted even with tight time constraints. Intensive exercise for an hour a day 2-3 times a week can lead to a significant improvement. If you have more time available then great. You will be able to factor in more training.

Many people have achieved great results by scheduling a bulk of their training for the weekend. This is when most people feel less tired and have more time available. For example, get in a couple of quick workouts during the week, then undertake some more demanding sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Seek Support From Friend And Family

Building a strong support network can help you stick to your fitness regime. Telling your close friends and family about your workout plan and overall goals, can make you more motivated, and also provide people to hold you accountable.

Get A Training Partner

Some people prefer to exercise alone, and there is nothing wrong with that. Others find it difficult, having more success when training with a partner. However, not every training partner is created equal. You want to find one dedicated and reliable. If you’re running or cycling outdoors you will also want to find one that has a similar fitness level to you. If they are too slow or fast it will cause problems. However, if you’re exercising in a gym, either doing cardio or weights, a difference in ability is a lot less of an issue.

Use Technology To Help You

There are a variety of apps you can use to track your fitness, helping you stay on track. Your workouts can be monitored using your phone or a fitness watch. Distances, times, calories burned, and many more things, can be tracked or calculated with the latest technology. This gives you precise information about your workouts and how well you are improving.

Seek Inspiration

It’s not physical energy that is most important, but mental focus. Sticking to a fitness regime is incredibly challenging, and some days you will be wondering what is the point. Sources of inspiration can refocus you, helping to overcome slumps in motivation. This could be in the form of books, websites, inspirational quotes, or anything else that will drive you on wards.

Good Luck

Creating a fitness plan, and sticking to it, is challenging for everyone. There is likely to be setbacks along the way, but by keeping your overall goals in mind you are likely to succeed. For some men and women using supplements such as one of many best fat burner for women without losing muscle products can help to improve your fitness results. Remember to never give up on your fitness dreams. We hope that the ideas presented have been useful to you. Good luck on your fitness journey!


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