Have you been told your child needs some orthodontic work?

Things parents should know about modern aligner orthodontic treatments

Getting your child to the dentist can be tricky at the best of times and it can get even tougher for parents when you are told your child needs braces in Barnsley.

While it is easy to jump to the negatives, there are many positive things about this orthodontic option and it can be a really beneficial treatment, especially as your child gets older.

Here is a guide to some basic information for parents to know about braces in Barnsley that can make the entire process a lot easier for both them and their children.

There will be tests

When your child is referred to see an orthodontic, they will need to perform tests to determine the dental issue being treated and if it can be corrected with a different dental method.

Your child’s orthodontist will typically take X-rays to assess the position of the teeth and to see if there are any adult teeth still coming through. They may take a mould of your child’s teeth, to help assess the success of the alignment process as it goes on.

There may be some accessories!

While an orthodontist will prescribe treatments with either a fitted or unfitted aligner, if your child has a more complicated dental presentation, there may be some additional pieces to help correct it.

A horse-shoe shaped wire, known as headgear, may be required to be worn at night; this provides more force to help move your child’s teeth, that cannot be obtained by aligners alone.

Teeth may need to be removed

If your child is suffering from overcrowding in their mouth, or requires a bit more space to make room for the moving teeth, then some teeth may need to be extracted. Typically, it is one molar on each side, but this may differ depending on your child’s dental requirements.

These gaps will be filled as the teeth move into their new positions, so don’t worry about those gaps being permanent!

Expect more trips to the dentist’s office

While it can be hard juggling day to day life with all of your parental responsibilities, when your child is fitted with an aligner, they will need to see their dentist and orthodontist every few weeks, to ensure that treatment is progressing as expected and for adjustments, like tightening, to be made.

You will also be required to have your child seen by a hygienist, to prevent any issues like tooth decay or gum disease from forming, but remember, this is all to make sure your child has fewer dental issues in the future and theywill thank you for it (eventually!).

It is worth it

Though it may seem like a lot of additional stress right now, when your child gets their braces off and is rewarded with their straighter smile in early adulthood, their confidence will soar, and you will all be relieved that they undertook this procedure.

Apurva Thakur

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