Getting your smile on with dental implants Hertfordshire!

Here’s a question: how can you replace missing teeth? While the answer is that there are multiple ways, there is surely only one way that is the next best thing to having your natural teeth. Dental implants Hertfordshire are a convenient method of replacing teeth that is comfortable and reliable. If you want to have a smile that nobody realises isn’t complete with your natural teeth, then dental implants could be the treatment for you. The concern of them loosening is not one you should need to think about when you have dental implants, and this is one of the reasons many patients choose to go with them.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are metal screws that can be attached to the jawbone where you have missing teeth. The screws are used to mimic roots for replacement teeth. The body’s tissues fuse well with the titanium metal that the screws are made from, so they are firmly fixed in place once the healing is completed. To these screws, a dental implant dentist can attach crowns, bridges or dentures, depending on how many teeth you need to replace. They can be used to replace a whole set through to just a single tooth and any number in between.

Why should I consider dental implants?

Dental implants look completely natural as replacement teeth are manufactured to complement your remaining natural teeth, as well as each other. They also function like normal teeth in that you don’t need to modify your diet, and all you need to do to take care of them is brush and floss regularly and have your regular dental checkups. Dental implants also protect any remaining natural teeth that you have from being over-exposed to bacteria, which can prevent your teeth from developing further issues.

Another reason to choose implants is the fact that they can add structure back to your face. Sometimes, when a person has missing teeth, their face can become shrunken due to the jawbone shrinking gradually when there are absent teeth. By replacing missing teeth with implants, you can protect your jaw from shrinkage. Also, by choosing to have implants, you may find that your speech is improved if you have been having difficulties with enunciating your words due to the gaps in your smile.

Anything else I need to know?

To find out whether dental implants are a viable treatment for you, you will first need to find a dentist who can perform the implantation procedure and book an initial consultation with them. They will examine your mouth and may take x-rays to ensure that you have enough jaw bone density to attach the implants. Don’t worry if you don’t, you may be offered a bone graft to address this. By discussing your concerns with you, your dentist will be able to explain the options available to you during this appointment and ensure that you make a fully informed decision that you feel happy about. Once you have decided about the way forward, and if you do choose implants, get ready to get your smile on again!

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