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Braces, and orthodontics in general, can be a touchy subject for many families. Whilst the results of such treatments can be massively positive in boosting a patient’s self-confidence and esteem, a large amount of people – especially teenagers and young adults – are dissuaded from seeking such treatments as they do not wish to have to wear large, clearly visible, unsightly braces for a long period of time. Whilst these fears may have been well founded in the past, today there are numerous forms of discreet orthodontics available to those seeking clear braces in Buckinghamshire which afford them the ability to undergo essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted scrutiny or attention from their peers or colleagues.

Aligned with the times

Treatments of this nature have vastly grown in their popularity in recent years over conventional methods of orthodontics such as fused metal ‘train-track’ braces, which are generally uncomfortable as well as damaging to their user’s outward appearance. Typical methods also require the patient to wear braces for a long, sustained amount of time. However, through the employment of some of the most cutting edge technologies and innovation, today patients can wear discreet forms of orthodontics which are worn for a vastly shorter amount of time. Some methods of discreet orthodontics are also removable, which affords the patient the ability to carry out treatment at a time that is convenient to them, such as when sleeping or at home.

Invisibly ingenious

One form of clear braces and discreet orthodontics is Six Month Smiles. These are a revolutionary method of clear braces which can realign a patient’s teeth to their correct specifications, and restore their smile in as little as six months. Similar to conventional methods, Six Month Smiles clear braces are fused to the front of a patient’s teeth. However, unlike typical ‘train-track’ braces they are not connected with a metal wire and sockets, but rather with clear brackets and tooth coloured wires. This results in the braces being far less visible or easy to detect and can result in the patients having a renewed sense of self-confidence and esteem, whilst simultaneously undertaking essential dental realignment. The process of installing clear braces through Six Month Smiles, initially consists of a consultation between the patient and a dental practitioner of their choosing – whom they trust and respect wholeheartedly. Upon discussing the basis of the procedure, and what the patient can expect, the patient would then book an appointment to install the clear braces. Installing Six Month Smiles only typically takes around an hour, and from there the patient’s six-month journey to a straighter smile begins. After the first month, patients should be adjusted to wearing the braces, and within the first five months they should expect to see visible differences. Patients should visit their trusted dental practitioner regularly during the course of the Six Month Smiles treatment to ensure they are progressing well, and to have their braces adjusted. After six months, usually treatment should be completed, leaving the patients with a straighter looking and more vibrant smile than ever before, and a renewed sense of self-esteem and new found confidence.

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