Teeth Braces, who needs them…do you?

Everyone these days wants to look their best, with social media and celebrities being seen everywhere with white straight teeth braces, no wonder we judge ourselves a little too harshly!  But having very crooked teeth is another matter and should be taken quite seriously. But why?  Well, those patients with very wonky and overlapping teeth can struggle to keep to a thorough oral cleaning routine.  This is because, although teeth may be getting cleaned twice a day, chances are the plaque and bacteria in between is not being reached properly.  When this is the case, problems can occur further down the line such as tooth decay and gum disease.

My teeth are crooked .. what shall I do?

A super straight smile can be a real boost to self-esteem, so how can you start to find out the best options for yours? There are a number of treatments and solutions for all cases of crooked or overlapping teeth, so it is always a good idea to visit a practice to discuss braces in Cheltenham. If you are one of those who have severely misaligned teeth, your dental practitioner will probably suggest the option of braces as a solution.

Solutions for straightening teeth

Do you think braces and think of a mouthful of metal?  Think again! Innovative modern dental treatments, for example, lingual braces, are the perfect contemporary solution for today. These are different from the old school types of braces. With this option, the braces move and align the teeth over time, this period can be anything up to 18 months. 

Clear cosmetic braces are also very popular for the modern era, as they are virtually impossible to notice and are perfect for those who interact a lot with other people in professional and social situations.

Oral hygiene, keeping your teeth and mouth bacteria free!

A good oral hygiene regime is paramount when you have had braces fitted.  It can be harder to keep your mouth clean and bacteria free when you have this treatment.  It is always advisable to brush gently, but also thoroughly, twice a day. Cosmetic and lingual braces are easier to work with as they are positioned in such a way that teeth are easier to reach and clean.

Don’t be nervous!

When you have gaps in your teeth or they are very crooked, dental teams understand how embarrassing this can be.  These dental teams have a lot of experience in ensuring that your road to a straight, beaming smile is as easy safe and stress free as possible.  Any teeth straightening treatment will be provided by a dentist who has had many years of training and is used to working in this way.  And don’t ever think you are too old to get your teeth straightened either, everyone can benefit from the whole array of options on offer. Taking the first step of booking an appointment at your dentist will start you on the journey of straighter teeth and a much wider smile.

Apurva Thakur

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