Eateries At Dehradun You Can Visit While Vacationing There

Every year vacationing, the people from cities come in busloads to trot the hill stations of India. A taxi from Delhi to Dehradun is a customary sight in Dehradun. These hill stations provide an excellent respite from the broiling heat of the city’s summer sun. Visiting these hill stations in the summer vacation time is also good for those who freak away from the extreme cold of the snowy hill stations.

So, this vacation, come to a hill station, to have a rejuvenating experience of the winter aura and chill yourselves in the utmost serenity and peace in the breathtakingly beautiful hill station of Dehradun, the gateway to all other hill stations of Uttarakhand. Grab the next taxi from Delhi to Dehradun Vacationing , and get a nice excuse of escaping from your monstrous cities, which seem to engulf your poor lungs!

One thing which frets the city dwellers the most, every time they think of visiting a hill station is the food! While they are accustomed to eating the delicious mouthwatering food available in their cities, the little or no option of food, available at these hill stations seem to rage them up. But this is not the case, if you are visiting Dehradun. There are quite a good number of options, where you can sit and savour healthy and delectable dishes, and enjoy your trips, as much as you want.

So, visit Dehradun, and look out for these places, every time your bellies seem to demand food.

  1. Kumar Vegetarian and South Indian Restaurant: A decent place to sit and have food with your families, this restaurant strives hard to cook the south Indian dishes to near perfection. You can have a delicious masala dosa here, along with mouthwatering sambhar. It is a delight for the vegetarians, who flinch away from the very idea of visiting a non-vegetarian restaurant.
  2. China King & Ginger ‘N’ Garlic: This veg and non-veg restaurant is quite big and popular, having two storeys. The above floor serves delicious Chinese cuisine, from Dimsums to Chicken wings, and the ground floor features New Zealand Natural Ice Cream parlour. So, satiate your hunger pangs at this popular restaurant.
  3. Ellora’s Melting Moments: This restaurant is quite popular among families, and serves the best junk food, from burgers and pizzas to sandwiches and lassis. Who says good food is not available in hill stations? So, gorge on with the lip smacking dishes served here, and never compromise with your fooding, whenever you travel outside your native domains.
  4. Yeti’s Restaurant: This restaurant is quite small, but a perfect choice if you want to savour Chinese or Thai cuisine. Here, one can get quite decent and healthy dishes, from tom yum and green curry to fried prawns. There is also a small and sweet courtyard outside the restaurant, where you can sit and eat amid the natural surroundings. Try it out yourself.

Hopefully, you have got rid of your problem of finding good food in Dehradun, something which hardly any Dehradun Vacationing travel guide can show!

Apurva Thakur

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