Benefits of having a great-looking healthy smile

To understand why a great smile matters, it is helpful to think for a minute on just what it would mean to be self-conscious of or embarrassed of one’s smile. How ready would you be to smile and make friends? How prepared would you be to apply for a public-facing job? Or, how confident would you be to find a love match? Having a less-than ideal smile would render all the above scenarios incredibly challenging.

Poor smile confidence is just one of the reasons why an increasing number of adults across the UK are opting for orthodontic treatment to give them better looking smiles. And with forward-thinking modern braces Windsor, there is no reason left for adults to live with smiles they are too ashamed to show off. Aligner-based teeth straightening devices like Invisalign have found great favour with patients who love the fact that these aligner trays are made from clear plastic material, which makes them barely visible on teeth and more comfortable to wear. In fact the orthodontics brand’s appeal for teenagers and adults have seen it reach the10 million patient milestone.

Rewards of an attractive smile

Healthy relationships

One of the first conditions to be met for a relationship to take place is acceptance. People need to be liked and accepted to form healthy social relationships in our personal and professional lives. It is through the act of smiling that a person expresses acceptance but it is also through our smiles that they gain acceptance from others. It is far easier for someone with an attractive smile to win the approval of others and be thought worthy (friendly, intelligent, kind, trustworthy) than it is for a person with crooked teeth or gap-toothed smile.

Live life more positively

Smiling can do wonders for our relationship with others but it also has a magical effect on ourselves too. When someone smiles, they invite their brain to produce endorphins that are responsible for us feeling positive and happy. The brain then kick starts the production of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin to create the feel-good feeling. When someone is happy with life, they are better equipped to embrace opportunities that lead to a rewarding life.

Spread happiness around

It is far more likely for a smile to be met with another smile than it is for the response to be a frown. It is human nature for us to respond positively to smiles, studies have shown that even babies respond more to a smiling face.

Appear to be younger

One of the most surprising gifts of smiling is its anti-ageing effect. Most people judge a smiling face to be younger than the person’s chronological age. Faces that carry frowns are found to have the opposite effect in that they are found to be older.

In creating a winning smile, teeth alignment, colour and gum condition are all important characteristics. In ensuring that teeth are properly aligned, orthodontics has long been the trusted means to straighter teeth. The General Dental Council (GDC) advises anyone looking to straighten their teeth to do so under the supervision of a registered and qualified dental practitioner for patient safety and treatment efficacy.

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