6 Overlooked Remedies for Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain is a common problem across the global. According to Mayo Clinic, it is one of the leading causes of disability. The predicament affects backbone which houses the spine fluid. Hence, if unchecked, it can result in severe issues, and worse scenarios lead to death.

However, what you do in the early stages of the condition, predicts the later encounters. For some people, sleeping or resting is the first pain relief option. Others seek medicinal pain relievers. Here are the 6 Overlooked remedies

1.     Walking

Nowadays, a good number of people hate walking. Even though people love traveling, walking is not a preference in their trip recipe. According to Peter F. Ullrich Jr, a retired Orthopedic Surgeon, walking improves oxygen supply on the soft back tissue. As a result, walking catalyzes healing as well as relieving pain. As John Walker say ‘keep walking.’

2.     Lifting heavy objects

To lift heavy objects requires one to strain. Straining is one of the causes of lower back pains. So, is this misleading advice? Of course, it is not. American Physical Therapy Association recommends heavy object lifting as one way to prevent the pain. However, there is a formula to do it.

When lifting such objects, you should bend your knees and not your back. Doing so shifts the weight to the legs offloading it from the back. As well, when moving them, you should turn your legs and not twist your back. Hence, preventing and relieving such pain.

3.     Remaining Active

As stated above, the number one thought when one is experiencing pain is resting. However, Kim Burton et al.’s Back Book writing for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Physical Therapy Department says that remaining active prevents joints from stiff which is a cause of more pain.

Again, being active strengthens the muscles hence leading to pain relief.

4.     Knee Rolling Exercise

As kindergarten kids and lower school pupil, knee rolling exercise is one of the most practiced activities during physical exercise (P.E.) lessons. Due to the attitude drawn from that level, most people term it as childish. But, did you know it is a crucial lower back pain reliever? The exercise helps in relaxing joints and back muscles which facilitates the healing process.

5.     Use of Hot or Cold Packs

For most civilized or so called educated, use of hot water as a pain relief method is termed as old- fashioned. However, according to NHS Choices, this is one of the best ways for back pain reliefs. On their recommendation, you can use bottles as packs. Otherwise, you can buy the packs from pharmacies.

Placing the cold and hot packs in alternating frequencies will help to you to heal down.

6.     Remaining Positive and Relaxed

Ben Carson, a renowned Neurosurgeon and the author of the book, Think Big once said that people with a positive attitude recover and heal faster than their counterpart. NHS choices also reckon with this sentiment. On their part, Relaxation and positivity, offloads you tension which facilitates healing. As such, when experiencing this kind of pain, doing away with stress causing stuff is recommended. In whole, lower back pain is a universal problem. Timely response to it the initial stage is essential and cheap. Importantly, no medication is required at this phase as all the above remedies are free and you can do them at home. Hence, as the medic advises goes by, “prevention is better than cure.” These solutions are necessary not only for dealing with the condition but can also prevent it from occurring.

Apurva Thakur

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