10 Tricks To Maintain Good Eye Health

It is practically impossible to imagine a world without computers these days. There probably isn’t a day that passes when you don’t have at least a little bit of screen time. Although computers make our lives easier, they don’t come without detriment — especially to your eyes. Studies show that continually staring at a device or computer screen can wreak havoc on your eye muscles, leading to strain and dry eye health conditions. If you are looking at a computer from sunup to sundown, don’t be too surprised if your next eye appointment results in the need for a stronger prescription.

The good news is, according to a Winnipeg eye doctor, is that if you have to look at a screen all day, there are ways to minimize the effects on your vision and your eye health. Simple things can make a significant difference in your overall eye health and the amount of wear and tear you cause to your peepers. If you perform these ten eye tricks, you can slow down the damage.

Use an anti-glare protector

Adding something as simple as an anti-glare protector to your computer can help cut down on the reflection of sunlight hitting your eyes. If you see a glare when you look at your screen, that is light bouncing back into your eyes and producing eye strain.

Blink a whole lot

If you are suffering from dry eye conditions, then blinking might help replenish your eyes. It will not only keep the surface of your eyes clean, but it can also help to refresh your eyes with fluid and essential nutrients. Although you don’t have to be exact, blinking about every four seconds is a good goal to have.

Adjust the lighting around your office space

Although most people know that watching a screen in the dark is harmful to their eye health, not many realize that too much light is just as bad. For most people, the brightness of their office space should be about half of what it is, to minimize the strain.

Wear your glasses

If you are straining to see, then you are only putting further stress on your eyes. Make sure to check your vision regularly to ensure that you have the right glasses or to get some if you need them.

Walk away every now and again

Getting up to walk around for a bit is not only good for your physical fitness, it’s also a good idea for your eye health. Try to take about a twenty-second break from your screen every twenty minutes or so. Get up and move around; being sedentary isn’t a good idea.

Get the right nutrition

Yes, what you eat and drink is very important for your eye health and can help to minimize the strain that you put on your eyes daily. Eat foods that are high in Lutein and Vitamin A. It isn’t just carrots that are chock-full of what your eyes need; leafy greens are also essential.

Level your eyes with your monitor

Ideally, your eyes should be level with the top of your monitor. That will allow for the most surface of your eyes to be covered by your eyelids, which will help to protect them from drying out.

Don’t sit too close

Your mom was right: sitting too close to your computer screen is not a good idea. If you want to decrease the harmful effects of staring at a screen, you should optimally sit a minimum of an arm’s length away from your computer screen or device.

Adjust colors, fonts, and sizes

Use your settings to adjust your monitor so that you are staring at larger text, darker colors, and fonts that are easier to distinguish. Why make your eyes work harder than they have to?

Adjust the brightness of your screen

Just like you don’t want too much glare on your screen, you want to make sure that the screen is light enough so you can see it reasonably well without putting a whole lot of effort into it. Computers can be a necessary evil. Although they make life so much easier, they aren’t completely easy on the eyes. To keep your eyes in tip-top shape, or at least minimize damage, these ten small but significant tricks will help. It is also imperative to get regular exams to make sure that you are taking care of your eyes the best way possible.

Apurva Thakur

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