Why having more than one wheelchair is a good idea

Each wheelchair model comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This is because wheelchair users differ, some needing a chair only for special circumstances such as on long walks, whereas other people enjoy the benefits of their wheelchair around the clock.

By finding the right wheelchair for each individual, wheelchair users are able to live the quality of life that they aspire to. There should be no hindrance to their lifestyle and the wheelchair in question should only improve their mobility and allow them to do the things they wish to do.

This is why wheelchairs come in all different shapes and sizes. Lightweight wheelchairs are great for people who do not need to use a wheelchair all the time, as they are easily portable and fold up.

They are also great for people who would like to have that comfort of portability whenever it is needed. By using a sturdier and heavier wheelchair that is easy to propel and moves long distances for everyday use and then enjoying a lighter model around home, people can have the benefit of the different levels of mobility suitable for a range of occasions.

Manual wheelchairs are for people who have some upper body strength. They need to use their arms to move the chair around and this can become tiresome for those who do not have this strength and are more frail.

This is why it is important to trial the model before committing to it. Customers may find that although they love the freedom of the portability that some of the manual wheelchairs can offer, they do not have the ability to use the chair for the length of time that they need to.

By understanding their own limitations, people can pick and choose which chair would be suitable for any occasion. A drive to the shops is a great option for a foldable and portable model. It can be placed in the boot of the car and easily removed and set up by the individual if they are mobile to this degree. They can then move around to the extent they feel comfortable with.

A sturdier electric wheelchair might be necessary when people are out with their chair for longer periods of time. If they enjoy getting out and about on a regular basis and need the freedom that a wheelchair provides, they may find that they do not have the upper body strength to get them around for long periods of time. If they need to have continual assistance, then they should consider having a wheelchair that will be able to help them in this way.

It is great to have such a wide variety of different models to suit every individual. Many models are available to be customized so that any additions are appropriate to the user and some features can be added for more comfort and pleasure. Wheelchair users can think of their chair as a pair of shoes. There are different shoes for running, for special evenings out and for everyday use. By picking the right pair of shoes for the occasion, people are comfortable in any given situation.

Apurva Thakur

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