What Makes a Good Solicitor?

It’s no secret that solicitors get a bad reputation from the press and form those on the receiving end of the judicial system. However, the majority of people realize that solicitors do a job that many of us simply can’t. After all they don’t go through years of study for nothing. Yet, when you are in need of a solicitor, you would be wise to ask, what distinguishes one legal mind from another and what exactly makes a good solicitor?

We know we’ve cracked it when it comes to a great legal team, because our clients tell us so! Which is why we feel we can provide the perfect list of what to expect from your solicitors and what separates a mediocre law firm from a truly fantastic one.

A good solicitor will:

Be honest. Yes, the truth can save a lot of time and unnecessary angst for both you and your solicitor, as it is not in a legal firm’s best interests to provide representation for a case that is bound to fail. In the same way it is not ethical to waste your time. Your solicitor should be realistic when it comes to all outcomes, including whether or not it is worth pursuing a claim and just how much compensation you may be awarded.

Be an actual solicitor. See all those fancy adverts promising you the world? Did you know that many are merely middlemen who will pass your details onto various firms that will bid for your business?

Meet you face-to-face. Obvious right? Wrong! Some firms pass you from pillar to post and you could spend most of your time speaking to a secretary rather than the person who is meant to be handling your case. In some instances, you may end up having brief conversations over the phone or even corresponding via email or by letter. With personal injury claim guides, we know that many clients prefer the personal approach

Belong to a smaller firm. If you are after a one-to-one approach during your personal injury claim, opting for a smaller firm can ensure your solicitor can give you all the attention you require. It may be tempting to choose a larger firm, yet local solicitors are not only just as, or more experienced, but they are unlikely to have a vast roster of faceless clients, all vying for attention.

Come to you. If a solicitor wants to represent you they should be willing to visit you at home or in hospital. Of course there should also be the option to hold meetings and discussions at their offices, but if you have been injured, you are quite likely to be reluctant to travel very far!

Have the experience necessary to ensure your case is a success. Being green around the gills is no use when you want to make a personal injury claim, so make sure you ask any potential solicitors how much experience they have with cases similar to yours.

Not be shy. This relates to being able to answer any questions you throw at them, and how they tackle pressure. A good solicitor not only needs the brains, but will also require the confidence to get you the compensation you deserve.

Get on with you. There is nothing worse than being represented by someone you just don’t get on with. Even if you love the firm and its ethos, don’t be afraid to ask to speak to another solicitor within the company if you feel something just isn’t right. You may be speaking with this person for many months and it is important that you feel comfortable doing so.

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