Top mind games for Android now a days

Have you ever played any kind of mind game on your mobile? These mind games help you to think in a different way. One may become addictive to these games. Mind games are basically a mental exercise to improve the functioning of the mind. There are various games to in your Google Play Store. And in this play store, you will find many mind games. Some games are just for fun. But some games are actually for improving the functions of your mind and these games will also make you think out of the box. There are some mind games in your app store that are further described below:

Brain Wars

It is a game that creates a competitive environment. This game is basically a competitive mind training game. It increases your brain power and capability to think faster. This game is basically for all type of age groups. It creates a competition against players around the world. By playing this game, you will experience a heated battle and stage of this game is a world. You can also challenge your friends. These challenges can be overcome by you or your friend. By playing this game and continuous challenges will increase your mind power.

Cut the Rope

This is a fun and mind game. It has fresh challenges and different kind of phenomenon for candy crunching. It also involves physics-based phenomenon that is a good tool for learning. You can also play this game with your friends. You can also pass the level by yourself. You need to just focus. The main character of this game is OM NOM that will face new adventures through cities, forests, and many more locations. This is a unblock game in which you are going to remove an obstruction. You will help him to find the best way to crunch the candies. This is a full entertainment game.

Tic Tac Toe

This is a simple game of Tic Tac Toe. You can play this game with your friends. This is a mind game in which your aim is to mark ‘O’ or ‘X’ in respective three horizontal, vertical or diagonal directions. A player who will make this pattern first will be a winner. You have to think first before marking. This game has higher levels. Once you pass one level, then you will advance to other levels. These levels become difficult when you move to higher levels. Just one thing to do, thinks twice and play the game.

Rock the Ball

Rock the ball is a mind game that involves solving puzzles. It is so addictive that you will love to play it. This will make you think more accurately and also help in problem-solving. This game involves sliding puzzles. By sliding different puzzles, you can pass levels. It is a puzzle game that increases the fun and also provokes you to think in a better way. This is a brain teaser that will actually exercise your brain. And also helps you to test your thinking skills. Your main goal in this game is to solve the puzzle so that ball can go to the hole by using the path. Once you made the path complete for one puzzle, ball automatically goes to the hole. Other remaining blocks will automatically remove from this puzzle. It has many levels. It does not have any time limit to solve the puzzle. You can solve the puzzle according to your time. It has a daily reward bonus. In more advanced levels game become more exciting. It is an unblock game. You are going to remove the obstruction in different puzzles in different levels. It is a physics puzzler. The more interesting point of this game is that it involves more concentration for playing well. The main feature of this game is Match 3 puzzle. This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Another segment of this game is Escape game; as one person can get off from his hectic routine of life. This game will help you utilize your time in an activity that will bring fun in your life. Your progress is saved, if you want, online with Google Play. This is a game for fun and to exercise your mind. This game will bring real fun and excitement in your life. This game supports both mobiles and tablets.

100 Gates

It is a puzzle game. Your aim in this game is to unlock the door to escape out of the jail. There are many gates for different levels. You can use any possible way to unlock the door. This game has different difficulty levels. This is an exciting game with different levels. The game is full of fun and entertainment. This game creates competitive edge among you and your friends. This game will completely utilize your device features.

Now, which game should be played to rock??? Don’t think too much. This exciting and rocking game is Rock the Ball. Rock the ball is the best game that will utilize your time in best a way. By playing this game, you will be able to think in different direction. This game involves many puzzles that can be solved by concentration. This is a hidden object game that is you will find the best path to solve the puzzle. This is a retro game that it is a stylistically backward. This game has a classic feature in it. So, if you want to utilize your time by playing best the game of Android then just install Rock the Ball from Google Play Store and enjoy the real fun!

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