SpotCam Cloud Based Home Surveillance

Home Surveillance security cameras in the past were expensive and required professionals to be installed. Through advancement in technology, the situation has improved and the cost of home security has come down dramatically. Spot Cam recently released cloud camera, which is a surveillance solution designed for home or small business. The camera is at the top line among the several models available and it has a lot of enticing features. The cloud security camera is remote control enabled with life-time FREE full time continuous recording on the cloud; require no micro SD card or local storage device. Spot Cam also has night vision capability and ability to support android and iOS apps effectively.

The features on the camera are quite impressive with a strong megapixel progressive CMOS sensor that had a long IR illumination distance, infrared cut removal (ICR) filter module, passive infrared (RIP) and an aperture which is adoptive. The camera is good as its software support.

The cloud camera when new, it comes packaged in a cardboard box which familiar with Spot Cam products colors. To confirm the camera is original, the camera is seen on the front along with a product highlight of features. Unpacking the cloud camera from the box, you will find the cloud camera, Ethernet cable, power adapter, camera base, mounting kit, quick install guide, wireless antenna, remote control and CD-ROM with the camera’s software.

The camera is solid built and its base is covered by rubber to keep it from sliding about. The camera has a serial number at the bottom as well. The LED’s on the bottom do make it hard to keep the cloud camera stealth fully hidden. If you want to mount the camera, Spot Cam provides a mounting place and screws. The remote is a small controller which will guide you to manage your camera. If you are using a mobile device such as an iPhone or any other android device, you will probably end up not using the remote control because these devices are supported by the camera.

Order you home security camera today and it will be delivered within time. Keep you kids, pets, and home under watch my choosing the cloud cameras. The camera is up to date technologically and performance wise.

Apurva Thakur

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