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Anything which makes our workload less is always welcome for us, be it a household chore or a task at work. In the present scenario, people are in need of things which will get their work done faster and save us some time. Time is priceless and it is very important that we save it as much as possible and Mobile App make the best out of it.

Mobile apps are a common thing with the people from this generation. If we go back a decade ago, maybe no one would think that the world would change to this enormity. They have become very much dependent on it and it has become an essential thing in their lives. Now a day’s people have started to buy things online, right from the place where they are and tapping away a few options on the apps.

eBay is considered to be one of the biggest online shopping websites in the world. They have designed and developed a mobile app for their consumers, to have a better shopping experience. There is always an update available for every mobile app which we have on our device. Tech geeks make sure that they are providing something different to their users.

The officials at the organization have mentioned that they are going to make the app experience better and exciting for the user. It is going to be a lot easier than the previous versions of the app. They are going to try new things on the app and make the online business better for the buyers and sellers. The updates for the apps on Android and iOS will be having an OTP generated to make sure that the buy and sell is authentic and it is not fraudulent.

There is another update which they would like to implement is the authentication with the touch identification as well. It is said that the officials at the firm have increased the improvement in creative thinking and out of the box ideas. A crucial thing which the company wants to focus on is the user satisfaction with this new kind of update.

With all these updates they want to give their consumers a better experience than ever before. In the past, the users have to use different login credentials to be able to access the listings on the website. Now, with this new update, which is the one- time password, we will now be able to easily access to the listings on the website. This new system of accessing the websites will require the OTP to access the eBay. There is no requirement for us to be able to feed in the secure login access to be able to search or shop on the site.

The user should log in to their account to make a purchase; they should enter the OTP which they will receive a text message. Users can authenticate their individual login with their unique fingerprint as well. There is an option available which is the touch identification of the user. This is the best way to make sure that there are no fraudulent activities on one’s account.

Tech geeks have redesigned the complete interface of the updated version of the app. It is now more captivating and easy to use as well, there are three different options available on the app, which we can use and it is pretty easy to use as well. The main reason behind the update of the app is because of a rift with the PayPal Company.

eBay had to regain its sales and revenue amongst the people, after the unexpected separation from the famous online payments organization. They decided on creating an update for the mobile app, would help them to regain the lost business and bring in profits to their business. Unfortunately, there was a decline in the number of people shopping on this site and this was a huge downfall for the firm.

In the past, the access to the site’s listings was tedious as the users need to possess different passwords. This made the  users stop using the site and switch to other sites which made their work less cumbersome. The update with the OTP and touch identification is the initial step to get the lost customers back and give them access to the billion listings available on the website.

They have changed the look of the app, the menu is available on the top and it is easy for the user to search for things on site as well. The options which are available are activity, shop and sell. Under the activity, we will be able to see the activities which the user has done on the site recently. The shop option is obvious to check out the products on the site which is for sale and make a purchase if the user wants to.

Sell, this is a tab where the user has the option to upload the details of the product which they would like to sell online through the site. We will be able to track the details of the sales which we have made so far and stay updated if any product runs out of stock. It is a place where the particular seller will be able to find different ways in which they can sell on the   site for the consumers.

App developers have designed and developed the app in such a way that it is more personalized and easy to use for the customers. They have taken this step to make sure that they do not lose the love which they have gained from the millions of customer’s which have gained over the period of years. It is not an easy task to be able to provide a service to people, which will make their shopping experience simply great and amazing as well.

It has been here for a long period, but we can consider the fact that it is for the first time that they have made efforts to make changes in the ways they have been providing the service to the billions of customer’s across the world. In the past, the interface of the app for each gadget was different and unique. The reason behind this kind of approach for the app is that it was launched at various times.

But, now the app has been re-modified and the interface has been made easy for the customers. For time being the update has a minimum amount of customization available for the users. Once the users get well acquainted with these changes, then the developers will try to make the app in a more personalized fashion.

By default, the home screen of the app will pop up the last done activity on the app, whether it was a sale or a buy. The  lead of the firm said that the app would have more changes in the user and give an even better experience to the traders and customers as well. We can expect that in the near future there would many changes happening on eBay’s mobile app.

Online shopping has become a trend and people have started to buy things online, rather going to the shopping malls or the nearby stores in their vicinity. People find the online shopping to be easier, as it helps them to get products right from the place where they are and they do need to go anywhere as it’s gets delivered to their doorstep. There has been a rise in online shopping through mobile apps rather the websites. It is proven fact that people now a day’s prefer to use their smartphones or tablets to make their online shopping. The number of people who use the online shopping websites has considerably come down. It is said that the number of users who will use the mobile apps for online purchase. So, people who have left eBay go ahead and get the updated app, as this is just the beginning to get back to the top from the downfall.

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