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Social Media Mention

Social Mention is a tracking software and for common social media accounts. What it does is track what’s being said about a specific brand, product or service in social media. This service can integrate with most social media platforms, and that list includes YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Digg and FriendFeed.

It can also be used as a search engine that enters major social media platform and to extract information from them. This can be done using simple keywords or phrases to find what you’re looking for. The basic strategy is to find out what major competitors are doing. This tool and search prospect is crucial for breaking into social media marketing.

Listening to the Web in whole is an important skill for the online marketer. Data can’t be overrated in this line of work. Google Alerts is a tool that helps tremendously with tailoring alerts for the information you need in branding, marketing and advertising. The way Google Alerts works is as a search engine but with a few differences we’ll discuss.

The major difference is that the keywords or phrases you load into your account get tracked instead of searched or resulting in searches. Those key phrases don’t wind up in search results. They are instead stored as data that programs your personal account and alert system. So for example, if a marketer’s brand is Monkey Milkshake, Alerts will notify them when it’s used online.

You can track brands, news and even your full name.


This App helps you to better understand the traction that your campaigns are getting. Keyhole specifically allows you to track hashtags across entire social media sites and niches. It’s capable of increasing the messaging of a brand by informing marketers of how people are engaging with you. This in turn allows marketers   the ability to adjust any message based on clear feedback.

The software is simplified with great user-friendly aspects that make it easy to work with. Images and links of your personal dashboard can even be sent to others. This is for getting as much information as possible and to the right people when necessary.


Buzzumo has a unique quality about it that’s uncommon among other social listening tools. It’s used as a content curation platform among many other things. It     first lets marketers search for specific content that can cover all topics. Content can be searched by the time categories of hours, weeks, months and the most recent year. All of this can be done with a free version also.

This is great if you’re interested in learning how to duplicate great content. The App shows what’s popular and gives an in-depth look into what’s actually working. Those beginning as social media marketers have a great deal to gain from this platform of awesome features.


This is a social media analytic tool that helps marketers answer questions like who influencers are, what content is popular and what the best strategies are. Every marketer using social media hopes to have this information and to be able to duplicate it.

The Talkwalker software helps to create themes. It uses awesome filters optimal for tracking news, blogs, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube feeds. The objective of     this application is to empower the marketer with the standard information he or she needs for running campaigns in social media and then scaling that effort as best   as possible.

This is done with Talkwalker because you can track so many specifics and find what you need through it.


There are five major aspects that make Synthesio a great social media tool for marketers. This application allows you to listen in a way that highlights how consumers are interacting with your or other brands. Synthesio can also convert data that gives business owners tremendous insights, and that information enables  the best strategic positioning for advertising with.

The visual components of the software are optimal for making the simplest user interface and for comprehending the information many marketers are extracting from the software. The data is also live and in real time for the best sensitivity in decision making. Lastly, the Synthesio App lets you measure ROI by tracking your social impact.


Nuvi gives the marketer real-time monitoring for over 4 million RSS feeds around the world. The application enables real-time data in 20 different languages also. Nuvi is a management software for social media that integrates data into a sleek and very user friendly dashboard which portrays social engagement, user demographics and overall impressions.

The custom reporting features of Nuvi consists of PDF generated reports. The detailed information reported shows accurate info and is full of transparency. This transparency is only enhanced with custom mobile alerts. Those notifications come through testing and emails, so that users stay connected and informed of developments as they occur.

Little Bird

Here’s how social media gurus stay on top of trends and find out who the biggest influencers are. The information is helpful. It’s a big challenge to do what’s necessary for competing when not knowing who the largest competitors are. This insight enables marketers to get a strategic advantage in the campaigns they start.

The Little Bird App also reveals content that’s trending with the most momentum and user interaction. According to Little Bird developers, there are a world of experts who’re shaping how ideas and opinions develop in the social media market. By finding out who those influencers are, marketers are immediately able to reproduce the standard.


Hootsuite is currently the leading social media management tool on the market. It has power connections with more than 35 networks. Those networks consist of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Google+ to name a few. The engagement qualities of the software lets users manage their accounts by organizing future postings.

The listening features of Hootsuite shows account owners what people online are saying about their brands. This aspect lets you monitor the sensitivity of your own reputation and gives you a deeper look into how to improve or adjust your campaign strategies. Hootsuite also has impeccable analytics that expresses everything a marketer needs for optimal marketing.

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