10 Ways to show Social Media Strategy in Under an Hour

For marketing agencies there are so many different social media networks nowadays that you can easily spend half a day posting content, answering to comments, or brainstorming a new strategy. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many ways you can revamp your social media strategy in just a few minutes.

This article will show you how you can improve your social media strategy in less than 60 minutes. From quick optimization advice to bold new strategies, these tips are what you need to boost your social media profiles.

  1. Write a Keyword-Rich Bio

Those few words featured in your bio section is one of the first things prospects will see when they visit your social media profile. You want to make sure that the copy represents your brand best and is relevant to your target audience.

Think about what you’d like to be known for and put that into words. For instance, if you are a content writing service, you would want to be known for your great writers, amazing results, and quick delivery. Also, keep in mind what people might search for to find your company and optimize your bio accordingly.

  • Make Sure Your Profile Images Are Sized Correctly

It goes without saying that your social media profile picture should be professional and top quality. However, this doesn’t mean that it should be too formal or that you need to be attractive in it. Use a profile photo that showcases your brand’s personality.

Another important part of social media images is ensuring that they are the correct size. Most social platforms will crop or stretch an image to fit their requirements. Check the image sizes suggested for each social network you are on and verify your profile pictures.

  • Brainstorm New Post Ideas

Consistency is an important part of any social media strategy, but it can be challenging to produce high-quality content ideas every day. So, whenever you find a few spare moments, use them to brainstorm new posts ideas. Or, if you see something that you think it’s relevant to your audience, save it in a document and use the idea to create new content later.

  • Don’t Neglect Evergreen Posts

Some posts get more engagement and exposure than others –it’s a fact. But, you could benefit more from your most popular content if you share it more than one. Use your analytics to discover your most successful posts and share them multiple times with your audience to maximize their potential.

  • Use Sponsor Posts to Break Through the Noise

The competition is stiff. Every single day, more than 500 million statuses are posted on social media and over 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook alone. Over 172 million different people visit Facebook every day while 40 million go to Twitter, and 22 million people visit LinkedIn.

It may seem overwhelming (and it is), but there is something you can do to break through the noise. Sponsored posts are a great way to get your message seen by the right audience and boost your engagement.

Facebook has made it clear that they are prioritizing Live Chat in their News Feed. So, if you want to make your content seen, a live video could be the answer. The great thing about Facebook broadcasts is that they will be saved on your Timeline like a regular video after you are done.

  • Use Groups to Bring People Together

Another great way to connect with people who are not in your circle of acquaintances, but who share the same interests as you, is to join (or create) a Facebook Group. That way, you will have the possibility to engage with your audience, start a dialogue and to boost the engagement on your page.

  • Use Trends to Get More Visibility

Most marketers ignore Twitter’s Trends feature. What they don’t realize is that this option can help you engage with users interested in the same topics as you.

You can find the “Trends” tab on the left-hand menu of the desktop version of Twitter. There you will see a list of topics that got the most retweets from users. If there are any trends related to your niche, then you should tweet about it.

  • Experiment with a New Sharing Schedule

One of the easiest ways to refresh your social media strategy is to experiment with different posting times. You can analyze how different schedules affect your engagement rates, click rates, and so on.

  • Create Visual Content

Visual content is extremely powerful, especially in a fast-changing medium like social media. Most marketers neglect visual content because it’s tedious and it can take a lot of time to create it. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can use tools like Canva or Pablo to create quality images in minutes.

Making sure your social media profiles are always fresh and up to date can be time- consuming. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to boost your strategy within minutes.

Apurva Thakur

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