Keep Your Car Air Conditioner Healthy

The Air Conditioner Healthy that are found in car are similar to the ones that are found in homes and offices. The working of both the air conditioners is same, however they are different in the size, design and color. Well, as time passed by, technology has reached to some other level. Today, there are various type of air conditioners are available in the market. Many latest models are available in different prices which provide comfort and great cooling. There is doubt that using a car air conditioner is pleasures but keeping it healthy and safe for a longer duration becomes a tough task for many people. To keep your car air conditioning system healthy and safe, you must understand different important components that need little extra care.

Moving forward, we will be talking about some of the important components of car air conditioning system and essential tips to keep the it healthy.

Components That Must Be Taken Care Of For Keeping The System Healthy –

Before you venture into understanding the mechanism of action of an air conditioner, you must know about its various parts that must be taken care of for keep the best air conditioning system of a car healthy.


This is one of the most important components present in this system. The work of the compressor is to bring in the refrigerant to the compressed form and then release it in the small chamber where the pressure goes down suddenly making the refrigerant cooler. This is the central component of the air conditioner healthy system.


The compressor has two types of valves known as expansion valves and dryer valves. These two valves are responsible for the correct functioning of the unit. They regulate the temperature of the room as well as the flow of the refrigerant in the unit. When the humidity is too high, the dryer valve helps to eliminate it, whereas, when the temperature is too high, the expansion valve comes into play.

How Does A Car Air Conditioning System Work?

The working of the car AC system is quite different from than that of the one which you see in the buildings. The AC in the homes and offices works by cooling the air inside the room. Once, a gush of air is cooled, it is thrown back into the room and then again sucked by the system till it comes to the right temperature. However, the car air conditioning system does not make the air cool; instead it works by removing the heat. The Freon gas used in the car air conditioning system is the key to the cooling. This gas, when absorbs the heat of the car, gets thrown out of the car by keeping it cool. This happens through the expansion valve. The compressed gas is very hot and the decompressed gas is freezing cold which gives Freon its attributes. To cool down the gas sufficiently, you will also need some fans.

What to do when car AC does not work?

First of all, if you are experiencing some problems in the car air conditioning system, you should never attempt to rectify them on your own. Instead, you must call a mechanic. Fixing the problems of car AC is not a simple thing and you must not try to save some bucks and DIY car AC repair. This may not only spoil your car air conditioning system completely, but may also cause you shocks.

Tips To Avoid Frequent Visits To The AC Mechanic

If you face any problem in the car air conditioning system, then you may require to visit the car AC repair mechanic time to time but you can actually get rid of this frequent visit to the AC mechanic by following some of the useful tips which are:

Check For Leakage

You must check for the leakage of the refrigerant from the car AC system. This should be done on a regular basis as it happens very slowly rendering the AC unit useless. If on turning the AC off, your car is not getting cooled then the problem is mostly due to leaked refrigerant.

Check Compressor

Check the compressor on a regular basis. For this, you must turn off you car as well as the car air conditioning system. Identify the compressor in the bonnet of the car which should show some movement. No movement signifies problem with the switch system of the compressor.

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