Increase the efficiency of the design your eCommerce website?

E-commerce websites have become very popular these days. Nowadays, with widespread use of the internet people prefer to shop online as it gives them with plenty of options in the comfort of their home. However, this increasing popularity has led to tremendous popularity in the online world. Many new online stores have come in the competition, which demands for extensive measures to stay on top on the internet. The looks of the e-commerce website is the most important feature as it is the first thing that interacts with the users.

A number of design elements have been introduced into the eCommerce website design to make sure website becomes easy to use. Considering the competition and the need of the eCommerce web design to cater the demands of the user, it has become extremely important to find ways to stay at the top and meet the requirements of the users. There are certain things you can do to make your eCommerce website design is simple so the online shopping does not become a headache for the users.

Call of action button must not end the shopping

The call of action button in the eCommerce website must not end the shopping, but make scope of adding new items. Suppose you add a buy now button, it means that you are directing the users to checkout page making them pay for the products they selected rather than encouraging them to explore more. On the other hand, Add to Cart allows  the users to add items to their list, but does not change the page making sure that they can shop further without bothering of checking out and coming again.

Do not force the users to register

While making your eCommerce web design, make sure that there is no registration or signup process as it turns off the users. The users must be always allowed to shop like guests without stressing them with a burden of registering. It is good to remind the users about the benefits of registering, but do not make the registration process compulsory. There must be an option that gives privileges to the users to shop like guests and allowed to track their orders and return them if needed.

Don’t hide the contact information

Never hide the contact information of any user as they lose their trust on the online stores that hide their details. The biggest fear in the minds of the users is the non delivery of the good and whom are they supposed to contact if the product is not delivered. There are certain areas and products where cash on delivery option is not available. In such cases, users hesitate to shop online and the company may lose potential customers. Thus, to make sure you have a good customer base you must never hide the contact information.

Easy checkout

The process of checkout of in your eCommerce website must be simple and short. It must be designed on a single page so that users are easily able to shop with utmost convenience.

Apurva Thakur

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