Holographic Projection Technology: Another Revolution

I am Claire Anderson and am a hobbyist blogger who likes to write on all things hipster. I am obsessed with technology, gadgets, smartphone apps and take a fancy to travelling, weather, photography and much more. My latest obsession is the Best Weather iPad app ! However, in this article I am going to share with you some insight on an emerging technology of the modern era: Holographic Projection Technology.

Our perspectives and our views are going to take a huge turn around as the Holographic Projection Technology becomes ubiquitous. All the spheres of life will see a massive impact of this new big thing in the times to come. This article will endeavor to analyze how this upcoming technology will create stir and reshape lives.

Holographic Projector

Dennis Gabor invented hologram way back in 1947 which actually is a reproduction of the recorded patterns of light in three-dimensions. So, a Holographic Projector, harnesses the power of Holographic Projection technology to project extremely high quality and high resolution images on disparate types of surfaces with varying focal lengths.


Now, the question comes to mind why and how is the holographic projector so important to us. The public has taken a keen fascination to 3-D movies and the concept of virtual reality has brought about a paradigm shift. 3-D displays, these days, are being utilized not only in computer graphics but also in a wide range of environments such as flight and battle simulations, advertisements, education, robotics, weather and medical diagnostics and so on and so forth. However, these displays are reliant upon all kinds of head-mounted equipment, eyewear, gear and other hardware and software tools. However, when we think of individuated projections in an environment where 3-D images are being projected to a large audience, such displays hit a road block. And so the need arises for an autostereoscopic display which manages to handle multiple individuals independently and simultaneously.

Holographic Projections – The Present and the Future

Tres 3d is a medical simulations company that is producing interactive medical 3-D animations for holographic films without requiring any assistive gear. The animations range from human anatomy illustrations to other associated medical depictions. Similarly, we have seen holotechnology employed by the developers of the famous reality TV show Big Brother to project the relatives and loved ones of the housemates into the house for delivering messages. Holocams is another vista which will make use of the holotechnology information storage and retrieval to produce stereoscopic imageries. Holopromotion is another avenue that has a huge potential for turning it on for the advertisement industry. By placing consumer responsive and interactive holographic booths, the customers can be attracted and it could create an environment conducive to product sales and promotion. The cell phone industry can also tap into the vast potential of holotechnology. Images far greater than the size of the projecting device can be beamed using this technology so magnified input mechanisms including keyboards can be developed via holotechnology.

With the passage of time, holotechnology is expected to make it real big and attract larger markets towards itself. Who knows in no time at all we might be getting rid of our 3-D LED displays and getting our hands on the amazingly interactive holographic projections.


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