Financial Benefits of Senior Retirement Community

As a person gets older there are some things they have to keep in mind as far as their finances are concerned. Many seniors struggle with the decision if they should remain in their own home or enter a retirement community. Depending on the amenities the retirement community offers it may be a smart financial decision to live in one.


As a person ages it may be a physical challenge for them to keep up with a home. They may need to hire someone to make repairs and do the yard work. When a person lives in a retirement community upkeep of the home and yard is less is split between the residents. This means a much lower cost.


When a person lives in a retirement community the cost of utilities are typically included in the rent. A resident will still have to pay for their own cable and internet if they choose to have these services. The cost will be lower than for a residential home. Many retirement communities purchase bulk plans from utility companies making the cost lower. Water, electric, and gas will also be much cheaper.


As a person ages it may be harder to prepare meals. Many seniors eat out more than they cook at home. This can be very expensive. Instead they can get a dining plan at a retirement community. They can eat a hot, home cooked meal while paying less than the average grocery bill.

Medical Care

Retirement communities often offer home nursing services and prescription medication home delivery services. This will allow a person to get their medication even if they cannot travel to the doctor or the pharmacy. There is usually someone on call 24 hours a day for medical emergencies within the community. This may be safer than living alone.


In a retirement community a senior will receive discounts on some insurances. The homeowners insurance is going to cost less money. If a senior chooses to use transportation provided by the community they can reduce the cost of their auto insurance. Medical insurance costs will also decrease. The senior will have increased access to medical care making their insurance premiums go down.
These are some of the financial benefits to senior if they decide to move into a retirement community. Not only will they save money but they will have access to social activities and medical assistance in case of an emergency.

Apurva Thakur

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