5 Reasons Why Multi-Use Classroom Furniture is a Boon to Schools

School is boring: these three words seem to be on the mind of most students, both in public schools and in very many private schools classroom furniture. As researchers and disruptors focus their attention on the world of education, it becomes painfully obvious that the classical school system – both in terms of curriculum and design – has been failing students for these past few years.

As the world requires more and more creative and critical minds, schools often fail to provide the environment necessary to inspire interest and creativity in the youngsters of today. That is why multi-use furniture is so critical to evolving the image of the classroom and boosting the minds of tomorrow – and aside from that, an investment in multi-use classroom furniture through online companies like Smart Desks is a definite investment in the school itself.

1. Multi-Use Furniture Saves Space

First and foremost, multi-use furniture saves space. This is especially true in the case of modular furniture, which allows students and faculty to assemble tables and chairs together into a collective piece of furniture, or keep them separate as individual sets.

No need for several different types of tables and chairs – with a compact multi-use furniture item, students get more freedom and more space to move around and interact in.

2. The Investment Saves Schools Money

With less furniture comes more space, and more saved money. And that’s a great thing. As schools are constantly shuffling and struggling with budgets, cutting costs through replacing old furniture with durable multi-use furniture can both save schools money, while increasing student retention through the benefits of the new furniture.

3. To Boost Collaboration and Creativity

Because multi-use furniture often also comes with an easy way to move around, students can easily move around the room with their workspace and work together with other students to complete projects and tackle ideas.

Because of its novelty, a multi-use chair or table can furthermore be used as a tool to interest students, and get them to pay attention.

4. Change Brings Attention

As OpenColleges.Edu notes, students have an attention span of roughly ten minutes, while classes last as long as ten times that. Due to the fluidity that multi-use furniture offers, teachers and educators are given a new tool with which to grab the class’ attention by often switching seating arrangements, encouraging collaborative and group efforts, and utilizing the mechanic of a multi-use table and chair to take a hold of, and hold onto the classroom’s attention.

5. Novelty Attracts Excitement

Multi-use furniture is still largely a novelty in today’s classrooms – and novelties are exciting, especially within the monotony that is school. By offering a completely new way for students to interact with one another during class, you can get a completely different kind of response out of your classroom. When combined with tablets, which according to SecureEdge Networks boost student productivity even more, you can completely modernize your classroom. Whether for logistical reasons or to boost student performance – or even for faculty efficiency – multi-use furniture has its place in schools and offices alike, especially among institutions looking for innovative ways to boost creativity and bring down costs simultaneously.

Apurva Thakur

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