10 Ways for product advertising

The purpose of product advertising is to persuade consumers to purchase a product or service. A successful marketing campaign largely depends on your advertising strategies, and there are many ways to advertise a product or service. The most effective advertising campaigns typically use several methods at once to reach a variety of consumers.

Social Media

The main advantage of social media is the cost; advertisers have the option to use the platform free of charge and reap the many benefits. Social media is also useful for reaching a global audience.

Virtual Showrooms

While physical showrooms are commonplace, companies now see the benefit of building a virtual showroom online. This advertising venue is interactive, engaging and informative for customers by providing all of the necessary information with just a click of a button.

Community Involvement

Getting involved in your local community is good for the community and good for business. Volunteering services or donating products to a worthy cause is useful for spotlighting your business and bringing in potential customers.

Publicity Stunts

Publicity stunts, such as challenging a current record holder in the Guinness Book of World Records or committing an attention-worthy act and making a viral video, are ways to gain attention and create a real buzz around your company. Avoid stunts that are potentially damaging to your business reputation.

Electronic Books

Solidify your expert status and promote your product by writing a well-researched electronic book. Write the book around your product and give the book away or sell it at a reduced price. While you may not earn much in book sales, you will likely make product sells because of your book.

Affiliate Marketing

Become a vendor and have affiliate marketers sell your product for you. For each sale, your marketer receives a commission, giving him the motivation to sell as much as possible to increase his earnings. Search online for various websites that have programs for vendors and affiliate marketers.

Online Advertisement

Purchase pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising that targets keywords specific to your product. A potential customer searching for related keywords will see your advertisement and click if he is interested. You pay a certain amount per click to the PPC company. Paid advertisements are also available on blogs and related websites selling advertisement space.

Direct Marketing

For your local neighborhoods, use direct marketing materials such as mailings, flyers, doorknob hangers, and business cards. As some cities and towns have rules about direct marketing practices, abide by the local ordinances.

Offline Media Advertisement

Offline media advertisement is a classic method of advertising that still achieves positive results. Advertise your company or product through radio advertisements, television commercials, and display ads or classified ads in your local newspapers and magazines.


Networking with related professional groups is an effective way to indirectly advertise your company or product. Keep business cards handy, give a good explanation of what you do for work, and if you see an opening for a business opportunity, take it. As networking is a subtle practice, avoid being overly aggressive.

source: yourbusiness.azcentral.com

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