10 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Upholstery for your Office Furniture

Do you think that choosing the right type of upholstery for your office furniture would be a simple task?

It’s easy if you follow some of the certain factors while selecting the right one for you. Picking the proper upholstery is important for the furniture to last longer for years.

Tips to consider while choosing the right Fabric Upholstery:

In my opinion, it’s perfect to go with the fabric upholstery as it suits any type of temperature range, easy maintenance and can be very inviting and would work perfectly for many years. You need to look for the certain factors before you choose the upholstery.

1.     Check for the location of your office furniture:

Know, in which place your office furniture is going to be located and how often it is going to be used effectively. If you are going to use the furniture for a short period, then you can go with silk and linen type , which are the sensitive fabrics and you need to choose the engineered or combination fabrics for long use furniture’s as the durability is calculated based on the usage of the furniture.

2.     Is your fabrics focusing any heat source?

Many fabrics have the tendency to fade out, if it come in contact with the sun rays, so do not place such type of furniture near to the windows or do not choose the fabrics that get faded when sunlight falls on them, also you should not place the furniture’s next to a heat source.

3.     Will it suit your office interior and room type?

Check whether the fabric you choose is adaptable to your office interior and room type, also check whether it matches with all accessories and the different type of office chairs you have chosen for various office spaces.

If you need to create a relaxing atmosphere around your office, then you should go with some warm tones, whereas brighter and attracting colors for cheery atmosphere.

4.     What type of Pattern to adapt?

It’s good if you choose a pattern that hide stains and show better and attractive when compared to plain and normal fabrics, Apart from that you need to check whether those pattern fabrics suits your interiors and other styles in your office.

5.     How to clean your Fabric Grange?

There are different cleaning methods available namely dry cleaning and water based cleaning, so check whether the cleaning method suits your furniture type. Know the manufacturer’s instructions before you use the cleaning method for the furniture’s durability.

6.     Are you in need of Extra protection from Stains?

You can choose Crypton Fabrics, if you think that you need an extra protection from the stains, as they can give the permanent and best protection from mildew, odours, moisture and bacteria.

7.     Run a double rubs test to know the strength of the Fabric

Its mandatory to run a double rub test to determine the strength of the product, If your fibre can withstand more than 15,000 double rubs, then you can choose the furniture without any chaos. If it’s above 30,000 it is considered to be ideal and if it is between 100 k and 250 k double rubs, it is considered as commercial grade.

8.     Check for the grades of your Fabrics:

Fabric grade can be calculated by the budget and not by the durability; this also determines the fibre type, fabric constructions and the thread count. A to H, which is an alphabetical rating system that is provided to indicate the grade of the fabrics by most of the popular manufacturers.

Some manufacturers consider number system too, high number indicates that, grade of the fibre is expensive, whereas low numbers indicates, they are less expensive.

9.     Go for the Chair that is Breathable, Adjustable and with a backrest support:

While choosing the upholstery for your office furniture, never forget to choose the chair that has the features of adjusting option, breathable type and also with backrest support for the comfort of the users. Prefer bungee chairs & bunjo chairs at your office as they provide the comfort and a relaxing mindset for your employees during the working hours.

10.     What are the other materials you can consider while choosing the upholstery

Apart from the fabrics, you can go with the vinyl seating, leather furniture and mesh chairs, for their durability and high grade quality materials used. Each of the types will have the different cleaning process if you are adapting to these materials.

Bottom Line…

No matter what type of material you are choosing for the perfect upholstery, it’s important to take care of your furniture on the regular basis so that it last longer for years. Wipe your furniture with a cloth or vacuum your furniture to keep it clean and attractive.

Apurva Thakur

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